Save Me From Myself - Book and Vinyl Set

Save Me From Myself - Book and Vinyl Set

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Save $10 on this great Book and Vinyl set. Includes Brian "Head" Welch's first book and solo album  SAVE ME FROM MYSELF.   Paperback Book and Vinyl Record set.


  • 2008 Driven Music Group 
  • For fans of:  Sepultura, Korn, Slayer, Megedeth, Pantera, Machine Head, Black Label Society

Save Me from Myself is the debut studio album by Korn's guitarist, Brian "Head" Welch.

Please Note: These came out in 2008. They are over 10 years old and do contain some shelf wear, edge wear and are not sealed.  

  1. L.O.V.E.
  2. Flush
  3. Loyalty
  4. Re-Bel
  5. Home
  6. Save Me From Myself
  7. Die Religion Die
  8. Adonai
  9. Money
  10. Shake
  11. Washed By Blood



Brian "Head" Welch's paperback book, 'Save Me From Myself'. A story of his transition from death to life.

Welch starts his memoir with a bang: sex, drugs, rock 'n roll, and hitting bottom are all packed into his short prologue, launching the story of the rock star's rise, fall, and subsequent conversion to Christianity. Unfortunately, Welch, the former lead guitarist of the hardcore metal band Korn, never quite gets back to the punchy, dramatic style that so vividly sets in motion what could be a fascinating read, but at times is more like a casual chronology of events?  despite his willingness to curse and his rocker tone. The book's first section is a catalogue of teenage rebellion (tormenting his brother, watching horror flicks, smoking pot), yet somehow lacks drama, and Welch can't resist listing every single band he formed, played with, and left before finally making it with Korn. It's not until Welch tells of a visionary experience ?one that eventually leads him to Jesus that this story gains momentum as a spiritual memoir. Fans of Noah Levine (Dharma Punx) may enjoy Welch's hard-core tone, though be warned: Welch is now hard-core on Jesus, and he hopes this story "might save a lot of people from going down the roads of destruction that [he] traveled on."